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No guarantee that anything I write will be considered relevant but when you’ve decided to go down a specific path you’ll often find you’re doing it alone.  Remember everyone started somewhere….Success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt and you never can tell how close you are ; it may be near when it seems so stick to the uncharted fight!  LA Carlson



Amy Inspired

As I attempted to slog through a recent popular work of fiction by a major NY TImes Bestselling author I was severely disappointed.  Her first work back in 2001 had been inspired and interesting.  I wondered if this is the norm once a writer becomes published-is there pressure to crank out something every year rather than retain the quality which set your work apart to begin with?   Browsing the library shelves I picked up several authors I didn’t recognize and one of the them was Bethany Pierce.  Her writing doesn’t feel forced and is excellent, none of her characters are stale, and most of all it feels real and funny.  Amy Gallagher is a writer/teacher with rejection slips, a clueless family and most of all a sense of humor about where her life is going.  I loved this book.  Pierce’s website is gorgeous.  LA Carlson

From pen and paper….

The writing process starts with that wonderful idea; ideas can and do come from anywhere-almost magically.   Since I find sitting at a computer composing draining all my writing is done in long hand.  It’s much more compelling to sit down with 15 pages of long hand cursive and type away.  I’d rather look at a blank page of paper than stare at a blank computer screen.  I never want to say I was in a place where I couldn’t write or I didn’t have the luxury of a computer to write; all I need is pen, paper, inspiration and there for the grace go I.  There’s something beautiful about holding a pen in your hand and writing.  LA Carlson

Reinventing the body, Resurrecting the Soul

Nourish your light body, turn entropy into evolution, be generous of spirit, let the timeless be in charge of time, seek after your own mystery, embrace every day as a new world and relate to your body consciously..these are the steps leading to wholeness.  In this brilliant book, Deepak Chopra explores the ways for us to renew ourselves separating the soul from the ever-present ego.  Thankfully your soul has no agenda but it’s up to you to convert your soul’s energy into the meaning of your life.  Reinvent yourself to become the writer you were meant to be.  LA Carlson

80,000 Thoughts

On average the human mind experiences 80,000 a day.  Humans like to run on a continuum of routine.  If your routine is negative thoughts such as I’m too tired, not smart enough, don’t have the energy to exercise or for aspiring writers; I will never be published- you will never break the cycle and progression will be impossible. Today break the cycle.  Start with the phrase; “I believe in the power of who I am and what I can do to change my life.”  Before you roll out of bed meditate the phrase; Om- Na -Mah- Shi- Va -Ya-(Om Namah Shivaya)- I honor the divinity that resides within me.  Transcend yourself and start now.  LA Carlson

Minnesota Marriage Amendment

As a resident of a progressively blue state I’m embarrassed by the recent Senate and House vote to place an amendment defining marriage on the ballot in 2012.  Minnesota currently bans gay marriage and unfortunately, the GOP and a few Democrats want to add further insult to the growing GLBT community. This amendment will do nothing to foster good will.  It will send a divisive message to those wanting to live and start a business here that Minnesota only welcomes you if you are straight.  Take heart GLBT community there are many of us who find this amendment insulting, worthless and our vote will be a defining NO.  LA Carlson

Something to Make you Laugh

In this day and age where everything is way too serious or so scandal ridden it’s tough to find something that is purely funny. Kristen Wigg is a remarkably talented writer and she co-wrote the screenplay for Bridesmaids with her writing partner, Annie Mumolo.  This trailer is so funny it makes me smile and laugh each time I watch it.  Enjoy!   LA Carlson