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David Seidler

Perhaps the best story of the Oscar race this year is from someone who is never on the screen. David Seidler suffered from a prolonged and agonizing case of stutter.  His patience, grace and persistence  in writing an original screenplay for The King’s Speech is inspiring. Thank you.  His acceptance speech last night was far and away the most eloquent and outshined the actors who spend so much time speaking before us.  A lesson to all of them; less is more!  LA Carlson


Guide to Photography

NG-National Geographic is renowned for taking the best pictures in the world.  It would then follow their advice in The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography would be an excellent choice for novices looking to take great pictures and understand the world of digital photography.  My 2 favorite tips; in the viewfinder divide your subject into a tic-tac-toe grid and place the center point of your picture along the crosslines-this is the place where the eye will naturally go and if your camera has a histogram-use it.  The NG Photo of the Day is highlighted in my Blogroll. Breathtaking!  LA Carlson

Books Redux

While she hasn’t published a novel recently Ann LaMott continues to be one of those authors we are always eager to hear from.  I realized my personal collection has 6 of her books; more than any other author I have.  If you need to feel grace, a reason to laugh~~ turn to one her books because there is never a disappointing moment.  LA Carlson

Paraprosdokian Sentence

Often used in humor a paraprosdokian sentence is one where the ending has an unexpected twist which forces the reader to reexamine the phrase before it.  EX; If I could say a few words, I’d be a better public speaker-Homer Simpson.  LA Carlson

Inspire thyself Inspiration Point 5

One of the best ways to add authenticity to fiction novels in particular is to do hands-on research.  It’s okay to read about something but it’s better to experience it.  There are many resources such as inexpensive community classes, seminars and even free classes.  The benefits will be obvious in your writing.  LA Carlson


The Duke of Orleans

At the beginning of the 15th century St. Valentines Day was known as a day to celebrate romantic love.  The Duke of Orleans is credited with writing the first valentine while in captivity in the Tower of London, they were love poems to his wife.  For a more modern interpretation Hallmark began marketing Valentine cards in the early 1900’s.   LA Carlson

Club Book

The mission of Club Book is to bring national and regional best-selling authors to libraries in the 7 county metro area.  Events are always free and doors open 45 prior to event.  Elizabeth Gilbert will be speaking on Friday, February 11, 7 pm at the Burnsville Minnesota Performing Arts Center. LA Carlson