Mission Accomplished…Goodenuf2publish.org

Exasperated is the word I have felt for the last week.   Thank goodness for the bike rides in the early morning and twilight to calm my weary soul….My website belongs to a web hosting company called FatCow-it’s top rated and I love the name! For now until I have more funds this will do and I’m pleased with what I’ve created.  You will need to bookmark as I have no way to have subscribers unless I purchase an add-on feature.  Thanks again for your continued support!  Goodenuf2publish.org






Full Disclosure

You may have seen advertisements listed on this blog site.  One of the majors ways WordPress keeps this site free to its bloggers is to insert advertising from Google.  As someone who is mindful of advertising/affiliate roles and wanting to keep control of content; I will be moving this blog to my own website; Goodenuf2publish.org by next week.  One of the other restrictions on WordPress is a blogger cannot insert advertising of their own choosing.  As my website is revamped there will be advertisements from the following online sources; Barnes and Noble, Itunes-Canada, For Your Entertainment-FYE, MightyLeaf Tea, Shutterfly, Textbookx, Newspaper Archive and Forzieri.  I have personally reviewed these websites and my criteria for acceptance is straightforward; I have used the product, there is a face to these companies which is accessible on their website and these advertisers are domestic and international.  Additional advertisers maybe added in the future.   I’m appreciative of the service WordPress offers.  LA Carlson


Book stores “please remain user friendly”

As a patron of bookstores I am surprised by the new trend of charging people to attend author book signing.  Book signing are usually attended by a small group of people regardless of who the author is;  there have been notable exceptions lately; Hillary Clinton, J.K. Rowling and Hulk Hogan.  If book stores want to continue to remain relevant please don’t discourage people from coming to an event by charging an admission fee.  Making a book purchase should be the only requirement for attending an author event.  Bookstore owners please continue to be user-friendly and avid readers, writers and authors will continue their support and give the best form of advertisement back to your store; positive word of mouth!  LA Carlson




Carpe Diem

Have you finished your short story?  Your novel?  Have you written your synopsis and query letters?  Jump start your day-mine begins at 6 am-with non-writing related events that always shape how my writing day will proceed.  Life is best served and rewarded in a balance.  The above phrase originated with the Augustan Poet Horace-20 BC, it meant “pluck the day” and the English translated it to SEIZE THE DAY!  Since it’s the July 4th weekend it seems appropriate to foster the red, white and blue especially with food.  LA Carlson

Summer Reading

There’s nothing like the feeling of something great waiting for you; whether it’s sitting on your comfy chair or stuffed in your always-on-the-go bag, books are forever.  You’ll never know when you have time to read a few pages so I always come prepared with something to keep my mind occupied.  The distinction for me is I only put books I cherish and would recommend in a heartbeat on this blog-usually not what everyone else is reading.  My Goodreads account is a more generalized version of books I’ve read and seem to be the popular ones everyone is talking about.  This book list has something for everyone.  LA Carlson

It’s always something

It’s the birthday of legendary comedienne Gilda Radner.  Her creativity and one of a kind approach will always be remembered as priceless.  We need more of her kind in our world today.  Her life ended far too soon do to ovarian cancer. Enjoy this hilarious clip from one of her most memorable characters. LA Carlson

The Synopsis

In addition to a solidly written query letter many literary houses also request a synopsis of your novel.  The rules are simple; write in the same format used in your novel, use third person present tense, keep it to a few pages, limit dialogue and detailed explanation of every character, keep the tone of your synopsis the same as your novel, no editorial comments and make the ending complete.   As with other earlier posts it should be obvious I use music as a creative muse to write, to gain ideas and to inspire/motivate.  You can use your muse to write your synopsis because everyone needs inspiration to get the job done. LA Carlson