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Carpe Diem

Have you finished your short story?  Your novel?  Have you written your synopsis and query letters?  Jump start your day-mine begins at 6 am-with non-writing related events that always shape how my writing day will proceed.  Life is best served and rewarded in a balance.  The above phrase originated with the Augustan Poet Horace-20 BC, it meant “pluck the day” and the English translated it to SEIZE THE DAY!  Since it’s the July 4th weekend it seems appropriate to foster the red, white and blue especially with food.  LA Carlson


The Synopsis

In addition to a solidly written query letter many literary houses also request a synopsis of your novel.  The rules are simple; write in the same format used in your novel, use third person present tense, keep it to a few pages, limit dialogue and detailed explanation of every character, keep the tone of your synopsis the same as your novel, no editorial comments and make the ending complete.   As with other earlier posts it should be obvious I use music as a creative muse to write, to gain ideas and to inspire/motivate.  You can use your muse to write your synopsis because everyone needs inspiration to get the job done. LA Carlson



The easiest way to get more is to keep moving.  It’s true; a mind at rest stays at rest while a mind in motion stays in motion.  A mind stuck on one dull, repetitive thought stays there indefinitely.  When it’s time to sit down and write your query letters introducing your work make sure you cover all the bases.  Brief introduction, writing bio, which market your work is best suited for and most importantly make sure your writing is tight and there are no misspelled words.  You want more as a writer then push yourself.  LA Carlson

Authenticate and Visualize

It seems all too familiar in our present day no one takes the time to Authenticate details or fact check.   There is too much reliance on (instant gratification)two words I despise as much as I loathe hearing about the latest so-called celebrity? memoir being hawked by publishers.  Even in fiction authentic details provide astute readers with the ability to expand their intelligence and I’m much more inclined to read something when I can learn something new.  For instance, in my debut adult series Seeing More than I can Remember in Amsterdam there is a great deal of food mentioned (Mediterranean style) and many of those recipes are real. Asparagus Fries with Aioli Sauce is something I’ve made and they are to die for.  The second part of this post involves Visualization.  So often putting together a novel via the computer can be overwhelming.  As I’m now in the process of writing query letters to introduce this project I have created my own storyboard which gives a clear vision of my story.  Mine is as simple as purchasing a tri-fold display board, colorful letters and letting your creativity breathe. LA Carlson

Guide to Literary Agents

In every industry there is always a gold book.  While the publishing industry continues to change dramatically with the introduction of e-readers, online services and the disappearance of beloved book stores; writers still need a reliable source to introduce themselves.  This guide offers a free online subscription service for 1 year, tips on crafting an excellent query letter and other useful information, agencies are presented in alpha order with a helpful speciality index in the back of the book.  I made contact during the summer of 2010 with an agency in NY using this guide so I know this is a dependable source.  LA Carlson

Writer’s Scorecard

As a writer you’ve done all the right things; entered contests, taken writing classes, got on the blog bandwagon, stay updated on the latest trends in publishing, organized your research ideas, read-always read and write everyday.  It’s helpful to have your own scorecard of where you have been and where you hope to go; keep it in a journal, plaster it on the wall next to your desk or keep it on your computer-the ways are endless.  It may not seem like much but the power of visualization on your writing journey will do more for your personal physiology than you will ever tangibly be able to measure.  LA Carlson


This writer’s inspiration is… water

Water has long played a purification role in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Taoism. In literature it is the drowning of Ophelia in Hamlet and Sherlock Holmes inferred; “From a drop of water a logician could deduce the possibility of an Atlantic or Niagara without ever seeing both.”  When I’m looking for inspiration, to clear my head from the dreadful stories we are surrounded by in our 24/7 newsreel, or to remember why I’m pursuing being a writer I go to a place nearby by bike or car it always gives me great feedback.  There’s always a breeze coming off the lake which gives me everything I need for the day.  LA Carlson