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Seeing More than I can Amersterdam

Annie McPherson is a FBI Linguist who specializes in organized crime.  Lisa Jacobs has worked as a CIA Officer in the Clandestine unit for eight years. Growing tired of the bureaucracy in both agencies they join together to open the Jacobs Agency.  An international agency based in New York that specializes in hands on treatment of criminals, terrorists and many times the unexpected referral to help people with problems outside the scope of normal procedural police work.  Along with a specific plot line for each book the reader is also invited to relish into the culture of a new city.  This is a stylish book series geared toward adults with detailed character development-I like characters which are real.   Excerpts can be found at my website; beginning in November.  LA Carlson



The Horse God Built

Eddie “Shorty” Sweat was the groom who played a major role in the successful of Secretariat, the only horse listed in the top 50 athletes of the 20th century.  His story is chronicled in this book by Lawrence Scanlan.  This behind the scenes look at the lives of the people who do the necessary work to prepare a racehorse is touching, heart rendering and somewhat sad.  Eddie’s guiding principle was simple; Love your horse and your horse will love you.  Seems clear;  A great man and a great horse.  LA Carlson

Molly Fox’s Birthday

Deirdre Madden has written a novel about the power of identity through the lives of 2 characters.  The beauty of a good book is not only a skilled writer but the subtlety in which the small things are revealed.  Molly Fox is a stage actor and her friend is the playwright.  If you’re looking for a book with lots of high drama, explicit sex and cookie cutter characters this isn’t the book for you.  Instead this book is something to cherish because it perpetuates the understated and I’ve added it to my personal collection.  LA Carlson


Poets and Writers

When you need inspiration look to Poets and Writers literary magazine.  Published bi-monthly it is an excellent source for great articles and current writing contests that are legitimate.  They also offer online resources for writers; including a speakeasy forum, email reminders for upcoming contests and other resources for writers.  It’s been my personal favorite for years.  LA Carlson

Fair Game

Valerie Plame Wilson began her service in the CIA at the height of the cold war and served her country for nearly 20 years. In the summer of 2003 a few months after the US invaded Iraq her status as a CIA operative was revealed in a newspaper article.  The Bush Administration considered her ‘fair game’ after her husband, Joseph Wilson, wrote an op-ed piece after a trip to Africa.  The article made reference to a weak case for going to war with Iraq along with questionable intelligence on WMD.  The only challenge in reading this book is it is heavily redacted-blacked out.  Nevertheless, it is an interesting story of one couples’ assertion that going to war on flimsy intelligence may have greater consequences than we realize.  LA Carlson


October 20, 2010 Wear PURPLE

On Wednesday, October 20, 2010 please wear PURPLE in support of Anti-Bullying Day.  Bullying can come in the form of emotional, verbal and physical abuse.  It doesn’t just refer to the recent focus on sexuality.  Anyone can become a target of bullying.  Let’s stop the nonsense.  How about being known for being cool because you are respectful, tolerant and you are willing to stand up for something meaningful.  LA Carlson debut October 16, 2010

Poet, Playwright Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, 1854.  His most famous play; The Importance of Being Earnest was written in 1895.  It seems like good karma to begin a literary venture on this day.  This site will focus on the written word; with excerpts from poetry, short stories, novels and book recommendations. This blog will either be available or replicated on the website.  Goodenuf2publish is committed to two causes; preserving the written word by publishing new writers and participating in a social cause.  Social causes will be highlighted in The Compassionate Corner.  Thank you for your support.  LA Carlson