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Summer Reading

There’s nothing like the feeling of something great waiting for you; whether it’s sitting on your comfy chair or stuffed in your always-on-the-go bag, books are forever.  You’ll never know when you have time to read a few pages so I always come prepared with something to keep my mind occupied.  The distinction for me is I only put books I cherish and would recommend in a heartbeat on this blog-usually not what everyone else is reading.  My Goodreads account is a more generalized version of books I’ve read and seem to be the popular ones everyone is talking about.  This book list has something for everyone.  LA Carlson


Guide to Literary Agents

In every industry there is always a gold book.  While the publishing industry continues to change dramatically with the introduction of e-readers, online services and the disappearance of beloved book stores; writers still need a reliable source to introduce themselves.  This guide offers a free online subscription service for 1 year, tips on crafting an excellent query letter and other useful information, agencies are presented in alpha order with a helpful speciality index in the back of the book.  I made contact during the summer of 2010 with an agency in NY using this guide so I know this is a dependable source.  LA Carlson

The Rhetoric of Death

Don’t let the title of Judith Rock‘s novel put you off.  After striking out in reading several other books or attempting to this one shines so sophisticatedly my faith in an excellent work of fiction is restored.  The Bishop of Marseilles sends his cousin, Charles to Paris to assist in teaching rhetoric and directing dance at the prestigious college Louis le Grand.  But the mystery unfolds as someone is targeting the students and Charles becomes involved in an effort to find out what happened.  Set in the 17th century Rock writes as though she was an active participant in the story and the book’s distinctive cover gives it added eloquence.  LA Carlson


I ran across Katie Brown when I was looking for an easy, new desert recipe.  Her mantra is simplicity which is a wonderful concept for living.  This book is a luxurious treat to read anytime, it has beautiful pages, its bright and Kathie’s picture on the cover harkens to something home-grown.  One of the favorites is a new spin on something old; pages 152-153  are recipes for S’mores. The Chocolate  Mint S’mores are delicious.  Make the most of your two treasured days!  LA Carlson


Amy Inspired

As I attempted to slog through a recent popular work of fiction by a major NY TImes Bestselling author I was severely disappointed.  Her first work back in 2001 had been inspired and interesting.  I wondered if this is the norm once a writer becomes published-is there pressure to crank out something every year rather than retain the quality which set your work apart to begin with?   Browsing the library shelves I picked up several authors I didn’t recognize and one of the them was Bethany Pierce.  Her writing doesn’t feel forced and is excellent, none of her characters are stale, and most of all it feels real and funny.  Amy Gallagher is a writer/teacher with rejection slips, a clueless family and most of all a sense of humor about where her life is going.  I loved this book.  Pierce’s website is gorgeous.  LA Carlson

Reinventing the body, Resurrecting the Soul

Nourish your light body, turn entropy into evolution, be generous of spirit, let the timeless be in charge of time, seek after your own mystery, embrace every day as a new world and relate to your body consciously..these are the steps leading to wholeness.  In this brilliant book, Deepak Chopra explores the ways for us to renew ourselves separating the soul from the ever-present ego.  Thankfully your soul has no agenda but it’s up to you to convert your soul’s energy into the meaning of your life.  Reinvent yourself to become the writer you were meant to be.  LA Carlson


In her well-written, fascinating and at times humorous journey, Grace Pundyk takes the reader to Russia, Italy, Yemen, Australia, UK, Turkey, U.S. and China-the country which produces the most honey in the world.   The Honey Trail, explores how liquid gold is produced and the more troubling aspect of what is happening to bees as they are vanishing.  Each country is steeped in its own history and at times negative reputations, the least interesting is her trek to Southern United States. Walk into your local grocer and it becomes clear why honey is not a big deal as it will become obvious the majority of honey is imported.  But for families in Turkey, Yemen and China it’s sometime more as they rely on the bee for their livelihood-a honeybee produces only a teaspoon of honey in its precious lifetime.  LA Carlson