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Mission Accomplished…

Exasperated is the word I have felt for the last week.   Thank goodness for the bike rides in the early morning and twilight to calm my weary soul….My website belongs to a web hosting company called FatCow-it’s top rated and I love the name! For now until I have more funds this will do and I’m pleased with what I’ve created.  You will need to bookmark as I have no way to have subscribers unless I purchase an add-on feature.  Thanks again for your continued support!






It’s always something

It’s the birthday of legendary comedienne Gilda Radner.  Her creativity and one of a kind approach will always be remembered as priceless.  We need more of her kind in our world today.  Her life ended far too soon do to ovarian cancer. Enjoy this hilarious clip from one of her most memorable characters. LA Carlson

Father’s Day and Baseball

One of my lasting associations with Father’s Day will always be baseball.  Early on my father would have the baseball game playing in the house or outside on the radio.  His favorite thing was to turn down the sound on the television and listen to the radio commentary which he felt was superior.  In Alexandria, MN as a young girl I would play baseball with a guy friend  (Mark) whose father worked with my grandfather at the local Piggy Wiggly.  It was our version of sandlot baseball.  I know the passing of legendary baseball player, Harmon Killebrew, earlier this year would have given Dad reason to pause not only for his ability on the field but for his much talked about classy presence off the field.  Do something extraordinary for your Father today or if your Father is no longer here do something extraordinary for a Father you don’t know, it will make their day.  LA Carlson

Support Women Fiction Writers

It’s an understatement fiction writers feed the creative side of our world.  Without their imaginative and creative inspiring work there would an absence of excellent books, plays, movies and television shows.  Women fiction writers have recently taken center stage for many reasons.  Everyone one of them started with an idea, a blank page and a love of writing.  Their stories share a common bond-they believed in what they were doing especially when no one knew who they were or cared.  Trust your instincts, intuition and your writing will soar!  LA Carlson


Minnesota Center for Book Arts  (MCBA) is committed to the preservation of books in our culture.  This wonderful place offers creativity classes for the entire family, as well as, artistic programs and many other fascinating elements related to the book arts-artistic mentorship/fellowships.  They are supported by private, individual donors and the Minnesota State Arts Board.  They’ve expanded their hours, open till 9 on Tuesdays and open on the weekends.    LA Carlson

Something to Make you Laugh

In this day and age where everything is way too serious or so scandal ridden it’s tough to find something that is purely funny. Kristen Wigg is a remarkably talented writer and she co-wrote the screenplay for Bridesmaids with her writing partner, Annie Mumolo.  This trailer is so funny it makes me smile and laugh each time I watch it.  Enjoy!   LA Carlson

Megan Millmann

Just when you may believe kids in Generations Y and Z (Millennial and Internet) are too self-serving a story comes along which contradicts and reaffirms they are headed in the right direction.  This story was buried in the metro section of today’s Star Tribune when it deserved to be on the front page right along with another unselfish hero’s story, Harmon Killebrew.  Millmann has leukemia and she befriended another child, much younger who had cancer while being treated at Children’s Hospital.  While AJ Bisila died before his Make-A-Wish could be fulfilled Megan gave her wish to his family and they were able to go to Disney World.  Megan was honored by the American Red Cross for her unselfish gift.  LA Carlson