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The new Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, recently offered his words on volunteering; “I ask every adult Minnesotan, who is physically able, to volunteer a part of one day, every month, at a school, hospital or social service agency.” It’s irrelevant whether you agree on his politics; his words on making a difference is something we can all easily aspire to.  LA Carlson


Inspire thyself, Inspiration Point 4

Persevere.  Even during those tough days when nobody acknowledges what you’re doing.  Writing is about perseverance, practice and letting your ideas go.  Don’t give up and you’ll be surprised at the results.  LA Carlson

Inspire thyself, Inspiration point 3

One of the best way to keep track of your writing progress is to use a journal.  You may already have several empty ones at hand.  This is a productive use of time and it forces you as a writer to meet goals and gage where you want to go.  There are always writing opportunities. It’s doesn’t haven’t to be fancy and you don’t have to share it with anyone.  Sit down today and begin your journal series.  LA Carlson


Ordinary moments sometimes become trajectory, tragic moments in history.  While the events of this past weekend in Arizona do little to quiet the subject of adverse politics and gun control, you should associate the word Hope with Christina-Taylor Green.  During her short life she was ambitious and hopeful that the world could be a better place.  Hope is the dream of a soul awake.  LA Carlson

When I wore panty hose…

Now that I have your attention.  Ah, the short story…it does so much.  Short stories are the source point for plays, movies and novels.  It gives the writer a chance to practice putting together a story with a limit on words or pages.  Either way it’s great practice.  Two short stories of mine will be submitted this week, When I wore Panty Hose-a homage to the 80’s and A Lantern above the Treehouse-a 45-year-old divorced woman finds herself in South Africa are being submitted  to Glimmer Train (3,000 words) and the Iowa Review (25 pages) contests.  LA Carlson

Inspire thyself, Inspiration point 2

One of my favorite things is when I come upon a sentence in a book I’m reading and there’s a word I’ve never seen before.  Merriam-Webster Online provides an easy way to learn new words and I incorporate these words into short stories I write for contests.  It’s a great way to become educated and have your writing stand out.  You can receive the word of the day in your email box.  LA Carlson

Helping Parents of school age children k-12

Please take a moment to visit the Pepsi Refresh Project listed here or under my blog roll.  It will take you to a project I’m working on in my local area.  If you’d like to vote, are 13 years of age or older you will need to create an account using a valid email and a password.  To get this grant voting is critical and is free.  WE NEED YOUR VOTES EVERYDAY!  Thank you for your support and please spread the word.  LA Carlson