You may have seen advertisements listed on this blog site.  One of the majors ways WordPress keeps this site free to its bloggers is to insert advertising from Google.  As someone who is mindful of advertising/affiliate roles and wanting to keep control of content; I will be moving this blog to my own website; by next week.  One of the other restrictions on WordPress is a blogger cannot insert advertising of their own choosing.  As my website is revamped there will be advertisements from the following online sources; Barnes and Noble, Itunes-Canada, For Your Entertainment-FYE, MightyLeaf Tea, Shutterfly, Textbookx, Newspaper Archive and Forzieri.  I have personally reviewed these websites and my criteria for acceptance is straightforward; I have used the product, there is a face to these companies which is accessible on their website and these advertisers are domestic and international.  Additional advertisers maybe added in the future.   I’m appreciative of the service WordPress offers.  LA Carlson