It seems all too familiar in our present day no one takes the time to Authenticate details or fact check.   There is too much reliance on (instant gratification)two words I despise as much as I loathe hearing about the latest so-called celebrity? memoir being hawked by publishers.  Even in fiction authentic details provide astute readers with the ability to expand their intelligence and I’m much more inclined to read something when I can learn something new.  For instance, in my debut adult series Seeing More than I can Remember in Amsterdam there is a great deal of food mentioned (Mediterranean style) and many of those recipes are real. Asparagus Fries with Aioli Sauce is something I’ve made and they are to die for.  The second part of this post involves Visualization.  So often putting together a novel via the computer can be overwhelming.  As I’m now in the process of writing query letters to introduce this project I have created my own storyboard which gives a clear vision of my story.  Mine is as simple as purchasing a tri-fold display board, colorful letters and letting your creativity breathe. LA Carlson