I have not met Greg Mortenson and regrettably I’ve missed opportunities to hear him speak.  Recently 60 minutes did a profile on Three Cups of Tea author.  Mortenson builds schools primarily directed at educating young girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  His work has been nothing short of extraordinary.  The reporting was unbalanced and did not offer stories on how Mortenson has made a difference.  Greg and the Board of CAI have issued their responses to questions being asked.  I believe many people are quick to assess a story based on a few bits of information taken out of context. Before you throw this gifted, generous gentleman to the sharks do your own research, the financials are available on the CAI website.  The bulk of finances are kept in a CD and 91% of contributions come from individuals.  Mortenson did not take a salary for many years and has donated money to CAI.  Non-profits are allowed to pay salaries and make money.  Read the book, it’s one of the best stories of starting from nothing and making a difference.   Mortenson’s extensive travel schedule is dedicated to raising awareness of his cause and is directly related to what CAI does.  Without Mortenson there would be no CAI.  The assertion that his publisher, Viking, is reviewing his book-published in 2007-makes me wonder what they did before it was published?  I believe Mortenson’s integrity is beyond reproach.  LA Carlson