If you’re interested in traveling to familiar but often remote and interesting locations from the comfort of your favorite reading chair, Catherine Watson is the person to take you there.  Good writers tell a story and excellent writers take us places we often haven’t been to.  Her latest book, Home on the Road, offers short snippets into a variety of locations; Himalayas, Ely, Alaska, Scotland, Australia, Crete, and the Grand Canyon to name only a few.  As the first travel editor for the Mpls Star Tribune she must have set the standard high for her travels but the mental gasp is given for her luxurious writing;  “The big raft slides sickeningly off the smooth tongue of the rapids..water the color of coffee ice cream..we drain the Colorado River out of our shoes and sleeves…”  I was instantly there and I aspire to write as beautifully as she does.  LA Carlson