It’s easy  as 1, 2,3  to set reachable goals as a writer.  First, reevaluate where you have been and what has been successful.  This year I sent out about a dozen query letters and received one “yes” to look at a manuscript.  Second, don’t dwell on rejections but make them a positive experience.   I make a point to send a handwritten, positive response to all rejections.  Third, keep writing and spread positive optimism to other writers-karma is in your favor.  As a writer I am rather picky about going to see authors in person, however, Bart Schneider is the one that stands out.  A lovely man who was surprised I had already read his book, Beautiful Inez, when I met him 2005.  It’s his quote in my signed copy that I cherish the most; Lisa, Keep Writing.  LA Carlson