While the word has more than one meaning; it’s the one that involves an implied set of beliefs that I’m referring to.  It’s easy to put your convictions out there when you know everyone is going to rally around you and agree.  However, what about when you’re standing on the sidelines alone?  Do you refrain from doing what your heart; instincts are telling you is necessary just because you’re going to be booed?  These convictions don’t mean a thing if you always go along to get along.  There’s a wonderful line in the upcoming, majestic movie-Secretariat.  Penny Chenery -(played by my personal favorite Diane Lane)is being asked to sell the horse by Ogden Phipps(James Stockwell) and he goes on to tell her a horse hasn’t won the Triple Crown in 25 years.  He continues to offer her more money and she refuses.  He says  “You’re that stubborn?” and she replies “I’m that right!”   LA Carlson