I had previously written about the need for self-promotion.  I mentioned a website (Vistaprint) I hadn’t done very much research on and discovered many complaints about them.  I forget the golden rule:  If it sounds too good to be true it is and you get what you pay for.”  As a writer I’m not experienced with creating websites, obtaining business cards, and registering a domain name.  Here’s what I’ve learned; ask for free samples when available(123Print) will send samples, find a registry that is reputable (1&1, Dotster) and will register your domain with ICANN-The Internet Corporation for Internet Names and Numbers.  It’s important that you own your domain name because you may need to transfer it at some point.   Read everything about the company and their products.  Lastly, figure out what your brand is about, don’t deviate and proceed confidently with a direction.    LA Carlson